- Aug. 19 - Green Valley Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Jason Hiett at Green Valley Speedway

With a late scramble among the front runners, Jimmy Hiett of Lincoln, Ala. led the last few circuits to win his first career PRO Series event at Green Valley Speedway. (Connie Putnam)

Jason Hiett and William Thomas at Green Valley Speedway

Jason Hiett looks under #22 William Thomas, who led a single lap before Hiett took charge late in the race. (Connie Putnam)

Dudley Montana, William Thomas, and Brian Reese

Pre-race with (l. to r.) Dudley Moore, William Thomas, and Brian Reese.  Thomas led a circuit in the late going before giving way to Hiett and settling for second. (Mark Bochiardy)

Eric Cooley at Green Valley Speedway

Young Mississippi driver Eric Cooley hung in for third place, one of his best showings every in a SLM. (Connie Putnam)

Tony Knowles at Green Valley Speedway

Tony Knowles led from the start before he was sidelined by overheating problems. (Mark Bochiardy)

Tony Knowles leads at Green Valley Speedway

Tony Knowles up front during the early going at GVS. (Connie Putnam)

Johnny Stokes and Ross Martin at Green Valley Speedway

Mississippi veteran Johnny Stokes (1) and Talladega Short Trak regular Ross Martin (47) in action at GVS. (Connie Putnam)

Ronny Lee Hollingsworth at Green Valley Speedway

Ronny Lee Hollingsworth was fast qualifier for the event, but the Northport, Ala. driver spun from second early and was unable to recover. (Mark Bochiardy)

KEe Sutton at Green Valley Speedway

After two other cars got together in turn four, the chain reaction resulted in the dreaded "big one", taking out Lee Sutton (above), Josh Putnam (below), and Brian Reese. (Mark Bochiardy)

Josh Putnam at Green Valley Speedway

Aug. 19 - PRO Series at Green Valley Speedway
1) Jason Hiett, 2) William Thomas, 3) Eric Cooley, 4) Tim Busha, 5) Robert Gant, 6) Brian Rickman, 7) Aaron Ridley, 8) Jake Knowles, 9) Anthony Burroughs, 10) Buddy George, 11) Eddie Rickman, 12) Rick Rickman, 13) Terry Smith, 14) Johnny Stokes, 15) Tony Knowles, 16) Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, 17) Brian Smith, 18) T.J. Alford, 19) Tony Shelton, 20) Josh Putnam, 21) Lee Sutton, 22) Bo Shirley, 23) Brian Reese, 24) Ross Martin.
Fast Time (35 entries): Hollingsworth (13.64) Heat winners: Reese, Rickman

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