- Aug. 15 - Shepp's Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


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Kevin Weaver - Shepp's Speedway NALMS

NALMS: Weaver Tops Sunday Drive at Shepp's

ALEXANDER, Ill. - Aug. 15. Veteran drive Kevin Weaver, of Gibson City, Ill., raced to Sunday's Northern All Stars sanctioned event at Shepp's Speedway to pick up $2,000 for his night's work.

 Jason Feger came off the outside front row and led the first 11 circuits before Weaver ducked under the #25 and showed the way for the remainder. Over the next few laps, Steve Lance also moved past Feger for second, and Ryan Unzicker also slipped past Feger to finally claim third. Feger and Brian Dively completed the top five.

August 15 - Shepp's Speedway NALMS
1) Kevin Weaver, 2) Steve Lance, Jr., 3) Ryan Unzicker, 4) Jason Feger, 5) Brian Dively, 6) Mike Hammerle, 7) Chris Dick, 8) Dillon White, 9) Brandon Sheppard, 10) Bobby Pierce, 11) John Beck, 12) Adam Mefford, 13) Jim Moon, 14) Roger Brickler, 15) Kerby Damery, 16) Dick Taylor, 17) Brandon Thirlby, 18) Shane Garrison, 19) John Barnard, 20) Ryan Little. (25 entries)

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