- Aug. 12 - Smoky Mt. Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Casey Roberts VL at Smoky Mountain Speedway

Casey Roberts raced his #101 to his first win on the Southern Regional Racing Series (SRRS) Saturday at Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tenn. (Connie Putnam)

Bobby Giffin wreck

In Southern Regional Racing Series (SRRS) action at Smoky Mountain Speedway, Bobby Giffin's race didn't last long as he slammed the wall hard during the early laps. (Connie Putnam)

Casey Roberts and Billy Ogle - Putnam

Casey Roberts leads Billy Ogle to a one-two finish at Smoky Mountain Speedway. (Connie Putnam) 

Josh Putnam, Mark Douglas, and Ross White at Smoky Mountain Speedway

Josh Putnam (212), Mark Douglas (52), and Ross White (0) raced to seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively. (Connie Putnam)

Austin Dillon in pits at Smoky Mountain Speedway

Austin Dillon gets some fast pitwork at Smoky Mountain.(Connie Putnam)

Aug. 13 - SRRS at Smoky Mountain Speedway
1) Casey Roberts, 2) Billy Ogle, 3) Skip Arp, 4) Tommy Kerr, 5) Mike Weeks, 6) Chad Ogle, 7) Josh Putnam, 8) Mark Douglas, 9) Ross White, 10) Brett Miller, 11) Dusty Carver, 12) Hunter Best, 13) Scott Shelton, 14) Perry Delany, 15) David Webb, 16) David Crabtree, 17) Sammie Russell, 18) John Winge, 19) Austin Dillon, 20) Bobby Giffin, 21) Daniel Baggerly, 22) Mike Hill, 23) Chad Winkles, 24) Jeff Franklin

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