- Aug.21 - Thunder Hill Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


Nebraska's John Anderson and prettier half at Thunder Hill Raceway after his second win of the season with the NCRA.

(Lloyd Collins)











NCRA: Anderson Sweeps at Thunder Hill   

by John Rittenoure   

MAYETTA, Kan.  - Aug. 21. Kelly Boen saw his five-race win streak come to an end at Thunder Hill Speedway on Saturday. Despite an impressive run from the rear of the field for Boen, the O'Reilly NCRA Late Model Series feature race belonged to John Anderson, who picked up his second NCRA victory of the season. It was also the 11th career victory for Anderson, who had to battle with Alan Vaughn for the win.

John Anderson - Delbert Smith - Alan Vaughn at Thunder Hill NCRA

Alan Vaughn (#22) holds a tenuous lead in a three-way duel for the lead with eventual winner John Anderson (#2) and #92 Delbert Smith in NCRA action at Thunder Hill Raceway. (Andrew Towne)

After a lap one yellow, Vaughn jumped into the early lead over the 23-car field, but it quickly became a three car race between Vaughn, Anderson and third

Kelly Boen - Brad Looney - David Turner - Thunder Hill Raceway NCRA

Rallying from his 19th place start, Kelly Boen slips to the low side of #14 Brad Looney and #15 David Turner on his way to fourth place at Thunder Hill. (Lloyd Collins) 

 place Delbert Smith. However, on lap nine, Anderson managed to get around Vaughn and stretched his lead by lap 15. On lap 20 the top three tightened up briefly, but Anderson pulled away again and went on to victory. Vaughn finished in second followed by Smith in third. Boen, who started 19th, made an impressive run through the field to fourth.   

Kelly Boen - Billy Koons Jr at Thunder Hill Raceway NCRA

Kelly Boen drives under an Al Purkey backup driven by Billy Koons Jr en route to fourth place at Thunder Hill. (Lloyd Collins)

After John Anderson got away, #22 Alan Vaughn and #92 Delbert Smith were left to settle the issue for second and third.

(Andrew Towne)











Aug. 21 - NCRA - Thunder Hill Raceway
1) John Anderson. 2) Alan Vaughn. 3) Delbert Smith. 4) Kelly Boen. 5) Jason O'Brien. 6) Dave Eckrich. 7) Brad Looney. 8) Eric Turner. 9) Mike Collins. 10) Billy Koons, Jr. 11) Jase Kaser. 12) Justin Asplin. 13) Bill Koons. 14) Shawn Harker. 15) Dave Conkwright. 16) Rigsby. 17) Vince Wagoner. 18) Denton Duncan. 19) Al Purkey. 20) Al Humphrey. 21) Corey Zeitner. 22) Tom Charles. 23) David Brack.
Heat winners (23 entries): Vaughn, Anderson, Smith

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