- April 30 - Fayetteville Motor Speedway Part 2 by Sam Holbrooks

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team after watching Fayetteville's track crew rework the racing surface prior to the start of the A-Main.

"We pulled out on the racetrack and I knew we gambled on tires," said Richards, who earned $10,600 for his 22nd career WoO LMS win. "We ran a few laps and I was like, 'I don't know if they're gonna hold up or not,' so I charged to get by Francis (for the lead) so I could at least run where I needed to run."

Richards survived five of the race's seven caution flags after assuming command, but he experienced some anxious moments during the final circuits. McCreadie took second on lap 33 and applied some serious pressure to Richards in search of his first win of 2010.

"The last seven or eight laps (the car) was chattering (from worn tires) and I was holding on," said Richards, who entered the evening tied with McCreadie for the WoO LMS points lead and left with a narrow four-point advantage. "I knew somebody had to be coming because I could see people giving hand signals, and I could hear (McCreadie) with a couple laps to go.

"Going down into (turn) three on the last lap I rolled in kind of high because I was gonna turn and come back low, then I saw (McCreadie) so I stayed in the gas and carried it out to the little bit of cushion there was. FortunatelyI was able to maintain to the checkered, but obviously, if there were a couple more laps, I was done. My tires were pretty much bald at the end."

McCreadie, 36, was disappointed to come so close to victory after starting 11th, but he was gracious in defeat.

"I had trouble getting wide into (turns) one and two," said McCreadie, who made his first-ever start at Fayetteville. "I would just shove a little bit, but finally, with two to go, I got in there the right way – and then the last lap, I got in as good as I could. But it was just a little rough through three and four, and you just can't go banzai-ing in through those holes and blade somebody out for the win.

"I know you could've just dropped in there wide-open, quarter-paneled him and won, but I don't usually like to race like that – and I know that when it comes around, it would be the same from Josh."

Several contenders ran into trouble during the event, starting with polesitter Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, Fla., who led laps 1-3 and was running fourth on lap 17 when he limped to the pit area with extensive left-front damage incurred from contact with another car after a caution flag flew. Later, on lap 33, Francis, who led laps 7-15, spun in turn four while racing side-by-side with McCreadie for second place, and during the ensuing caution period Shane Clanton of Locust Grove, Ga., headed pitside because a broken right-front ball-joint knocked him from fourth place.

Chub Frank of Bear Lake, Pa., finished sixth after switching to a backup car just before the start of the A-Main and taking the green flag from deep in the field. Jeff Smith of Dallas, N.C., who won last year's WoO LMS event at FMS, advanced from the 21st starting spot to finish seventh. Brent Robinson of Smithfield, Va., placed eighth and earned the $500 WoO LMS 'Bonus Bucks' cash for being the highest-finishing driver who had not won a tour A-Main and wasn't ranked among the top 12 in the points standings.

Finish - Fayetteville WoO

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