- Apr 10 - Fayetteville Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Hometown Hero Bowen Gets Second Clash Win at Fayetteville

By Alex Cummings  

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - April 11. The hometown hero, Dean Bowen was able to outlast the attrition filled race at Fayetteville Motor Speedway night for his second win of the season.

The start of the feature saw four attempts at a start before the drivers could complete one lap. A scary accident happened on the third attempt saw the 18m of Jeff Smith slam into the inside turn onewall and bouncedback out into traffic. Tim Allen, Craig Shuffield, Dennis Franklin, Jay Sessoms, and David Taylor were all collected in the wreck. Everyone was able to continue but heavy damage was received to both Smith and Allen, who spent extensive time on pit road fixing the repairs.

On the next restart, another five-car pileup sent the #33 of Chris Meadows behind the wall.

With another start, G.R. Smith took the lead, but spun on lap four with a broken power steering pump. This gave the lead up to Ricky Weeks with Bowen hot on his tail. For the next 22 laps, Weeks and Bowen battled it out for the top spot as they checked out from the rest of the field. But, on lap 26, as he crossed the start finish line, Weeks broke something in the ignition box, ending his hopes of winning his first race of 2010.

This gave the lead up to Bowen, with Franklin and Chris Blackwell hot in tow. The Blackwell brothers, Chris and Timmy were showing each other some brotherly love, fighting it out for third, running side by side for the last 10 laps. For the next 14 laps, Bowen was able to checkout from the field and easily win over Franklin and Chris Blackwell. Timmy Blackwell was found light at the scales and relinquished his fourth place finish. Billy Thompson was able to muscle his way past 14 cars in route to the hard charger award along with finishing the feature in the fifth position.

The first heat race saw the 33 of Chris Meadows lead from flag to flag to pick up the win.  

The second heat race saw a scary wreck when the #51 of Randy Harmon broke something in the left front which sent him flying into the turn four wall. Harmon was able to walk away after the wreck. The 17 of Tim Allen was able to lead the first 7 laps with the 44 of Justin Labonte hot on his tail. Then on the last lap coming down the backstretch, Labonte was able to motor around Allen for the victory.

G.R. Smith set fast time during qualifying among 29 drivers with a time of 16.915.

OFFICIAL FINISH: (1) Dean Bowen, (2) Dennis Franklin, (3) Chris Blackwell, (4) Chris Ferguson, (5) Billy Thompson, (6) Justin Labonte, (7) Travis Hair (prov.), (8) Craig Shuffield, (9) Shawn Beasley, (10) Jay Sessoms, (11) Donald Bradsher, (12) David Taylor, (13) Stephen Evans, (14) Brian Ledbetter, (15) D.J. Tyndall, (16) Ricky Weeks, (17) Tim Allen, (18) G.R. Smith, (19) Scott Shirey, (20) Jeff Smith, (21) Randy Harmon (prov.), (22) Dustin Mitchell, (23) Chris Meadows, (24) Timmy Blackwell (disqualified).

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