- Apr. 9 - Senoia Raceway by Sam Holbrooks


Lavon Sparks - Senoia Raceway

Alabaman Lavon Sparks races toward a $2,000 win in the "Spring Fling 40" at Senoia Raceway. (Mark Bochiardy)

Mike Head - Senoia Raceway

Senior Georgia racer Mike Head, who won the April 2nd main event at Senoia, raced to a third place in the "Spring Fling". (Mark Bochiardy)

Mike Head and his pre-race face at Senoia. (Mark Bochiardy)












April 9 - Senoia Raceway "Spring Fling 40"

1) Lavon Sparks, 2) Oliver Gentry, 3) Mike Head, 4) Joe Armistead, Jr., 5) Shane Fulcher, 6) Steve Endicott, 7) Rucker Orr, 8) Glenn Morris, 9) Daniel Goodman, 10) Scott Duffey, 11) David Burton, 12) Richard Goode, 13) Thomas Mewborn, 14) Ben Hill.

Notes: Of the 16 LMs in the pits for the 40 lap feature, 4 were topless: Mike Head, Clint Smith, David Burton and Glen Morris; Clint Smith was driving the #29 J&L/Turkey Creek Snacks Cadillac, but blew the motor in hot laps and didn't start the feature. Shane Criswell also suffered motor problems during hot laps. (Thanks to Mark Bochiardy)


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