- Apr. 29 - Farley Speedway by Sam Holbrooks

Moyer VL1 Farley Speedway
Moyer Win Highlights Farley "May Daze" Opener 
Larry Bontz 
FARLEY, Ia. - April 29. Billy Moyer held off hard charging two time Dart Corn Belt Clash Champion Chad Simpson in the end to win night one of the $10,000 "May Daze Classic" at the Farley Speedway Friday to kick off the 2011 racing season. 
Shannon Babb had followed Moyer throughout the 50-lapper and was actually gaining on the six time "World 100" champion, but as fate would have it, Babb had a tire go down on lap 37, relinquishing his second place run. Kurt Kile 
 Billy Moyer at Farley Speedway 
Billy Moyer races toward his seventh win of the season in special event action at Farley (Ia.) Speedway Friday. (Mike Ruefer)
Shannon Babb at Farley Speedway
Shannon Babb saw his shot at second place end with a flat tire late in the race. (Mike Ruefer)
and Chad Simpson who had been battling back and forth in their own right all night long for the respective positions changed those spots once again as Simpson moved to second and set his sights on Moyer to hound him for the lead. Moyer would have none of it as he wheeled on to victory leading the final ten laps, making the ten hour tow from Batesville, Ark. worthwhile for his eighth win of the 2011 campaign. 
Chad Simpson at Farley Speedway
With Babb's departure, Chad Simpson rolled to another strong finish in second. (Mike Ruefer)
Simpson, who started sixth, finished second ahead of Kurt Kile, Matt Furman, 
who still keeps his cars in Iowa City, but now calls Columbus, Ohio home. The "Wisconsin Wildman", Dan Schlieper, who started tenth, finished fifth. 
Darren Miller - Moyer Jr
Unable to flex his muscle as in other recent events in the area, #32 Darren Miller would have to settle for tenth place. Billy Moyer, Jr. (#21) dropped to 16th. (Mike Ruefer) 
Joel Callahan wreck at Farley Speedway
Joel Callahan's mount with heavy damage after he took a tumble down the front straight-away in heat race action at Farley. (Mike Ruefer)
Farley Speedway "May Daze"
1. Billy Moyer, 2. Chad Simpson, 3. Kurt Kile, 4. Matt Furman, 5. Dan Schlieper, 6. Brian Shirley, 7. Brian Birkhofer, 8. Tyler Breuning, 9. Shannon Babb, 10. Darren Miller, 11. Chris Simpson, 12. Jake Meyer, 13. Brian Harris, 14. Ron Klein, 15. Mike Fryar, 16. Billy Moyer, Jr., 17. Dave Eckrich, 18. Andy Eckrich, 19. Ricky Frankel, 20. Kevin Kile, 21. Jeremiah Hurst, 22. Andrew McKay, 23. Justin Kay, 24. Denny Eckrich

Heat Winners (30 entries): Kurt Kile, Billy Moyer, Babb, Dave Eckrich; B-Main winner: Birkhofer; Dash winner: Babb.
K.C. Rooney photo


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