- Apr. 16 - Waycross Motor Speedway by Sam Holbrooks


Mark Whitener - Tyler Ivey - Waycross UDLMCS

Florida racer Mark Whitener leads Tyler Ivey en route to Saturday's United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series win at Waycross (Ga.) Motor Speedway. (Rick Warren)

Mark Whitener after last weekend's UDLMCS win at Waycross Motor Speedway. (Rick Warren)
UDLMCS: Whitener Cleans Up at "the Swamp"

UDLMCS media

WAYCROSS, Ga. - April 16. The UDLMCS rolled into Waycross Motor Speedway for a 50-lap Showdown in the Swamp" Saturday, Mark Whitener swept the event with fast time honors and a 50-lap lead that took him to the $3,000 win.

With Whitener fastest in qualifying, Tyler Ivey, Scott Johnson, and Keith Nosbisch rounded out the top four and earn the right to redraw for the top four starting spots for the 50 lap main event. Johnson drew the #1 starting spot, but during a hot lap session prior to the start of the feature event, a broken rearend eliminated his 12j for the evening and shuffled the lineup, putting Whitener on the pole. Ivey, Nosbisch, and Brandon Cameron started in positions two through four.

Brandon Cameron sizes up #02 Keith Nosbisch before getting past to finish fourth at Waycross. Nosbisch rounded out the top five. (Rick Warren)

The yellow flag flew quickly after  the start as the 311 of Kenny Monahan left the racing surface over the top of turn one, ending his night. On the ensuing restart, Whitener took the lead and maintained it with Ivey and Nosbisch following.

The caution would not fly again until lap 33, when it was displayed to allow the ambulance out of the infield for a minor incident in the back pit area. When the green was displayed again, Darrell Padgett had advanced to third and would overtake Ivey for second, where he stayed for the next 17 laps before Whitener claimed the win.  Ivey held down third ahead of Cameron and Nosbisch.

Waycross Motor Speedway UDLMCS
1) Mark Whitener, 2) Darrell Padgett, 3) Tyler Ivey, 4) Brandon Cameron, 5) Keith Nosbisch, 6) Austin Kirkpatrick, 7) Christian Augspurger, 8) Mac Lipthratt, 9) Johnny Collins, 10) Mike Nasworthy, 11) Matt Barrow, 12) Chesley Dixon, 13) Chuck Cumby, 14) Cecil Eunice, 15) Kenny Monahan; DNS: Scott Johnson, Bo Allen

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