- AL - Jan 10 - Talladega Short Track "Ice Bowl XIX" Part 3 by Sam Holbrooks

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(Walker) got into the back of the lapped car and bowed up to stop and I was on him and just didn’t have anywhere to go. It was just one of those racing deals. The lappers didn’t get out of the way and I don’t think I would have either if I was about to get lapped. So we’ll just come back and try to get them next year.” Mayo added. Walker suffered some sheet metal damage also but was none the worse for wear and soldiered on as the leader.

 Walker was then faced with repelling a very fast Dingus Griffin who started fourth. Griffin welded his nose to Walker’s rear deck over the closing stages of the event. Griffin also was able to look underneath Walker on a few occasions but was unable to pull even with the leader. “We had a very good car. It was frustrating to not be able to get by him. It would take a few laps for us to get rolling and then we would be right there and then another caution would come out. I kept hoping we would get a long green and get into traffic so I could try to take a shot to the outside but the caution flags kinda’ fell his way. Then I had to hope he would make a mistake and that kid never did make one. So we will just come back again and try to do better the next time.” Griffin said after the race.

Griffin took one last look at Walker through turns one and two, pulling a nose alongside the race-long leader. But Walker shut the door as the two exited onto the back straightaway. Griffin looked to pounce again as the leaders received the two-to-go signal from flagman Adam Stewart. However Walker erased chances Griffin may have had as he was able to pick off Kyle Beard, putting the young Arkansan between the two leaders. “The lap car hurt us a little. I lost a couple of car lengths on him (Walker) because of the lapped car.” Walker rolled across the line for the final time with his arm out the window and his fist pumping in the air. Walker was jubilant in victory lane, climbing atop his nearly ten year old Warrior Race Car and getting some air as he acknowledged the TST faithful. “We really needed this win. It’s a big one for us. Thanks to everyone who helped us get hear. All the pieces just fell into place for us this year and we were able to hold on and get it.” Walker said in his interview.


1. Tim Busha; 2. William Thomas; 3. Parrish Duncan; 4. James Cline; 5. Shan Smith; 6. Elbert Mccullough;  7. Lee Burdett; 8. Stephen Segars; 9. Logan Yates; 10. Brian Smith; 11. Kenny Gaither; 12. Ross Camponova; 13. Lavon Sparks; 14.Jason Hawkins; 15. Randy Hill; 16. Mitchell Godfay; 17. Steve Kirk; 18. Jimmy Elkins; 19. Mike Combs; 20. David Tindell; 21. Adam Martin; 22. Ryan King; 23. Victor Turner; 24. Jonathan Davenport; 25. Chase Edge

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