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"It's been quite a ride"

 Wilson Shuts Down WDRL Series After Eight Years

Gilman City, Mo. (Feb. 5, 2010) -- The WORLD Dirt Racing League (WDRL) is sorry to announce that its Late Model touring series is discontinuing business operations, effective at once. Series president Jim Wilson made the announcement today.

"We hated to have to make this announcement because of the loyalty of the race fans, race teams and racetracks that we have been fortunate to race at each year," he said. "We have a lot of friends out there who will be missed tremendously, and we wish them all the best of luck. For all of these reasons, shutting down the series was a very hard decision to make."

The idea for WDRL was developed in late 2001 by Wilson and his wife Nancy after NASCAR made the decision to discontinue its All-Star Series, which Jim Wilson directed, after 17 years of operation. WDRL began its eight-year run in 2002.
"I had many drivers and promoters come to me after the word was out that the All-Star Series would no longer be in existence," said Wilson. "They asked me to start my own touring series to keep a Dirt Late Model tour going in the Midwest. I decided to resign from NASCAR at that time and do it.
"After working for NASCAR for 20 years, the only way that I knew or even wanted to run a racing program, was to run it professionally and with professionally trained officials. We hired the best officials we could find to run the race programs at the WDRL races. I thank Mark Ludwig, Ron Streger, Art Daufeldt, Rusty Daufeldt, Phil Roberts, Chris Hansen, Dean and Shirley Howe, Mable McCuen, Eldon Wilson, Tom Lathen, Steve Pauley, Cheryl Hutchinson, Bucky Doren and others for their part of making the WDRL a professionally run series. These officials didn't all work with us at the same time but were all instrumental in making the WDRL the best-run short track series in the United States."
Wilson adds: "In the eight years that we operated WDRL, we never had one complaint of unfair treatment and never had one injury that was serious enough to turn in for insurance. That tells me the officials were doing their jobs in treating all teams the same and making sure the race cars were as safe as possible.
"We lost our title sponsor, PolyDome, in 2008 due to circumstances beyond
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