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 Volusia Speedway Park - Barberville

May 1: As is often the case with Jeff Mathews, he raced again later after his earlier Modified win, this time challenging the Daytona Dodge Chrysler Late Model Division. 

And as had been the case with the Budweiser Modifieds, Mathews found himself starting in the seventh spot on the grid and having to deal with some traffic to get to the front.  But the early part of the race was no picnic as repeated mishaps took some cars out of contention and required three restarts before lap two.  Mathews avoided the mayhem and used the opportunity to make his way forward, as Jason Kimball led the early laps.

Kimball managed to outrun Mathews for a bit, but the Tampa "Repo Man" was coming fast and was all over Kimball's car by lap six.  Joe Kump and David Clegg were also making moves behind Mathews and Kimball, and had a race of their own developing for the third spot.  Mathews blew past Kimball on lap seven and opened up an insurmountable lead on his way to his second double divisional win night of 2010 at VSP.  Clegg managed to get past Kimball as well, grabbing second place and forcing Kimball to third, while Joe Kump and Bobby Richardson rounded out the top five. ~ VSP Media

May 1 Finish: 
1. Jeff Matthews
2. David Clegg
3. Jason Kimball
4. Joe Kump
5. Bobby Richardson
April 24 Finish: 
1. Dillon Wood
2. Brandon Dewitt
3. David Clegg
4. Christian Augspurger
5. Bobby Richardson

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