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Ocala Speedway - Ocala

April 23: Both Tyler Ivey and Ivedent Llloyd had much to contend with as the Late Models hit the track.  While J.O. Nobles started from the front and held the early lead, Lloyd was mired in the eighth starting spot while Ivey was in a deeper hole in 11th, but both put on a show using the outside line to quickly make their way into the top five. 

Meanwhile, Christian Augspurger was using the bottom to his advantage until something went wrong and his 35 machine was knocked out of the race. Augspurger later said that he had no idea what happened, but the car simply took off across the track and hit the wall, ending his night.

Lloyd continued using the outside line and finally slipped past Nobles on lap 12, but that lead was not to last.  Something went wrong with the 21 car, causinging Lloyd to shut it down and head for the pits. That passed the lead to Mark Whitener, who had also found a route around Nobles.  Whitener held  onto his lead while Joe Kump and Richard Ferry would tangle at least twice, first in turn one, then finally ending up in a wad in turn four and causing a late caution.  Neither driver was pleased with the other, and once the wrecked cars were cleared from the track, the dispute continued in the pit area.

What was not in dispute was Whitener's lead, which he protected through the final laps to earn the win. Nobles had quite a fight on his hands as Ivey attacked from the outside, but he managed to hold on and claim second place.  Ivey was third, while  Phillip Cobb battled hard to climb his way from 10th to a fourth place finish over Doodle Pipken. ~ B.J. Cavin

April 23 Finish:

1- Mark Whitener
2- J.O. Nobles
3- Tyler Ivey
4- Phillip Cobb
5- Doodle Pipken
6- Steve Mathis
7- Justin Tilton

8- VP Pipken
9- Dennis Williams
10- Tim Zackery
11- Bug Rose
12- Richard Ferry
13- Joe Kump
14- Ivedent Lloyd Jr.

15- Josh Sanford
16- Christian Augspurger
17- Adam Beebenbaugh

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