Jeep Van Wormer - Winston VL

While most of the rest of the drivers from the eastern half of the country were sidelined by rain, Jeep Van Wormer picked up a quick $2,000 in the "Player Hater 50" at Michigan's Winston Speedway. (Jim Denhamer) 

Unzicker - Vochaska

Ryan Unzicker races outside of Alan Vochaska before claming third at Winston Speedway. Vochaska finished sixth.  (Jim Denhamer)

Brian Ruhlman - JR Hotovy

Brian Ruhlman (#49) and J.R. Hotovy (#13) finished second and fourth, respectively, at Winston Speedway. (Jim Denhamer) 

Jeep Van Wormer

Pinconning, Michigan's Jeep Van Wormer warms up for a run at the "Player Hater 50" at Winston Speedway. (Below) Second finishing Brian Ruhlman races past ninth running Matt Pickard (#55) as he chases leader Van Wormer in the "Player Hater 50". (Jim Denhamer)

Finish - Winston Speedway

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