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Lernerville Speedway - Sarver, Pennsylvania

May 7 - Lux - Satterlee

After giving up his lead to #22 Greg Satterlee, Matt Lux takes his #21 back to the front with a high side pass on Satterlee, (Cory Stivason)  

May 7: Matt Lux trapped Gregg Satterlee in lapped traffic on lap 22 coming off turn four for the winning pass in tonight’s DIRTcar Late Model Feature.   Lux led the first 10 circuits, but on lap 11, Satterlee split Lux and a lapped car entering turn three to claim the lead for the majority of the second half of the race.  But Lux returned the favor as the laps ticked away and held off a late charge by Satterlee to win a thrilling 25-lap feature. 

May 7 Finish: 1. Matt Lux, 2. Greg Satterlee, 3. Lynn Geisler, 4. Dave Hess, Jr., 5. Alex Ferree

Matt Lux - May 8 

Matt Lux in Lernerville Speedway's Victory Lane. (Cory Stivason)


April 24 Finish: 1. Chub Frank, 2. Jared Miley, 3. Dave Hess, Jr. 4. Boom Briggs, 5. Lynn Geisler, 6. Russell King, 7. Doug Horton, 8. Jared Hawkins, 9. Chad Valone, 10. Darren Peters...

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