- 2011 UMP (United Midwestern Promoters) by Sam Holbrooks


2011 UMP DIRTcar Series Specials

2011 February

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  Amount
 13  Ocala Speedway  Ocala, Fla.  Don O'Neal  $8,000
 14  Volusia Speedway Park  Barberville, Fla.  Billy Moyer  $7,000
 15  Volusia Speedway Park  Barberville, Fla.  Don O'Neal  $7,000
 16  Volusia Speedway Park  Barberville, Fla.  Jimmy Mars  $7,000
 18  Volusia Speedway Park  Barberville, Fla.  Billy Moyer  $7,000

2011 April

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  Amount
 2  Peoria Speedway  Peoria, Ill.  Ryan Unzicker  $4,000

2011 May

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  Amount
 28  Tri-City Speedway  Granite City, Ill.  Jason Feger  $10,000
 30  Peoria Speedway  Peoria, Ill.  Steve Lance, Jr.  $2,000

2011 June

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  Amount
 10-11  Eldora Speedway  Rossburg, Oh.  Don O'Neal  $100,000
 25  Oakshade Raceway  Wauseon, Oh.  Eddie Carrier, Jr.  $4,700

2011 July

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  Amount
 15  Merritt Raceway Wood Tic 100  Merritt, Mich.  Justin Robinson  $4,000

2011 August

Date Track Location Winner Amount
 25  Highland Speedway  Highland, Ill.  Shannon Babb  $5,000
 26  Paducah (Int'l) Raceway  Paducah, Ky.  Shannon Babb  $5,000
 27  I-55 Raceway  Pevely, Mo.  Jesse Stovall  $5,000

2011 September

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  Amount



 Fairbuiry Am. Leg. Speedway


 Fairbury, Ill.

 Brian Shirley

 resch. 09/25



 4  Farmer City Raceway  Farmer City, Ill.  Billy Moyer  $5,000
 9-10  Eldora Speedway  Rossburg, Oh.  Jimmy Owens  $44,000
 24  Peoria Speedway  Peoria, Ill.  Jason Feger  $5,000
 25  Fairbury Am. Leg. Speedway  Fairbury, Ill.  Eric Smith  $10,000


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Other Results from October 1-2

Brushcreek Motorsports Complex - Heritage/Bill Bob Weekend

MSCC at Jackson Motor Speedway

Western All Stars at Antioch Speedway and Merced Raceway

Total Seal Late Model Series at Canyon Speedway Park

A-Team smbl

Top 50 Drivers For Period Ending 09-25-11

Weekend Warriors

Calumet County Fairgrounds "Chilton Fall Invitational" - Russ Scheffler

Russ Scheffler at Calumet Co. Fairgrounds

Billed as "the largest race at the smallest track in Wisconsin", the Calumet Co. "Fall Invitational" played out on Sept. 23-24,  and Russ Scheffler drove his #74 to the win in the event. (Michael Esser)

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