- 2011 MARS Dirtcar Series by Sam Holbrooks


2011 MARS Dirtcar Series

2011 March

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win



 Clarksville Speedway


 Clarksville, Tenn.

 Ronnie Johnson

 Dennis Erb, Jr.



2011 April

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 1  Thunderbird Speedway  Muskogee, Okla.  Jesse Stovall  $3,000
 22  Batesville Motor Speedway  Batesville, Ark.  rained out  $3,000
 23  West Plains Motor Speedway  West Plains, Mo.  rained out  $3,000
 29-30  Great American Dirt Track  Jetmore, Okla.  Al Purkey  $10,000

2011 May 

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 6  Humboldt Speedway  Humboldt, Kan.   Brandon McCormick  $3,000
 7  81 Speedway  Wichita, Kan.  Jesse Stovall  $3,000
 14  Springfield Raceway  Springfield, Mo.  Al Purkey  $3,000
 29  Monett Speedway  Monett, Mo.  Brad Looney  $3,000

2011 June

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 3  Brill's Motor Speedway  Meeker, Okla.   Brad Looney  $3,000
 4  Salina Highbanks  Salina, Okla.  Brad Looney  $3,000

2011 July

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win



 West Plains Motor Speedway


 West Plains, Mo.

 R.C. Whitwell

 Wendell Wallace



 17  Monett Speedway  Monett, Mo.  Justin Wells  $3,000

2011 August

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 5  Tri-City Speedway  Granite City, Ill.  Jack Sullivan  $3,000
 13  West Plains Motor Speedway  West Plains, Mo.  Billy Moyer  $3,000
 25  Highland Speedway  Highland, Ill.  Shannon Babb  $5,000
 26  Paducah Int'l Raceway  Paducah, Ky.  Shannon Babb  $5,000
 27  I-55 Raceway  Pevely, Mo.  Jesse Stovall  $5,000

2011 September

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 2  Humboldt Speedway  Humboldt, Kan.  cancelled  $3,000
 3  81 Speedway  Wichita, Kan.  cancelled  $3,000
 4  Monett Speedway  Monett, Mo.  Wendell Wallace  $3,000
 16  Brill's Motor Speedway  Meeker, Okla.  cancelled  $3,000
 17  Springfield Raceway  Springfield, Mo.  resch. 10/01  $3,000
 23  Thunderbird Speedway  Muskogee, Okla.  Will Vaught  $3,000
 24  Thunderbird Speedway  Muskogee, Okla.  Will Vaught  $3,000

2011 October

Date Track Location Winner To Win
 1  Springfield Raceway  Springfield, Mo.   John Anderson $3,000


Wehrs Machine


Other Results from October 1-2

Brushcreek Motorsports Complex - Heritage/Bill Bob Weekend

MSCC at Jackson Motor Speedway

Western All Stars at Antioch Speedway and Merced Raceway

Total Seal Late Model Series at Canyon Speedway Park

A-Team smbl

Top 50 Drivers For Period Ending 09-25-11

Weekend Warriors

Calumet County Fairgrounds "Chilton Fall Invitational" - Russ Scheffler

Russ Scheffler at Calumet Co. Fairgrounds

Billed as "the largest race at the smallest track in Wisconsin", the Calumet Co. "Fall Invitational" played out on Sept. 23-24,  and Russ Scheffler drove his #74 to the win in the event. (Michael Esser)

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