- 2011 ALMS (Sunoco) by Sam Holbrooks


2011 American Late Model Series (Sunoco)

2011 April

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 16  Eldora Speedway  Rossburg, Oh.  Rained out  $2,000
 22  Attica Raceway Park  Attica, Oh.  Rained out  $2,000

2011 May

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 6  Limaland Motorsports Park  Lima, Oh.  cancelled  $2,000
 15  Millstream Speedway  Findlay, Oh.  rained out  $2,000
 20  Kankakee Co. Speedway  Kankakee, Ill.  Mike Spatola  $2,000
 21  Fairbury Am. Leg. Speedway  Fairbury, Ill.  Jason Feger  $2,000
 27  Mt. Pleasant Speedway  Mt. Pleasant, Mich.  Rusty Schlenk  $2,000
 28  Oakshade Raceway  Wauseon, Oh.  Rained out  $2,000
 29  Eldora Speedway  Rossburg, Oh.  Matt Miller  $2,000

2011 June

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 17  Moler Raceway Park  Williamsburg, Oh.   Curtis Roberts  $2,000
 18  Oakshade Raceway  Wauseon, Oh.  Rusty Schlenk  $2,000
 24  Hartford Motor Speedway  Hartford, Mich.  resch. 07/08  $2,000

2011 July

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 8  Hartford Motor Speedway  Hartford, Mich.  Jon Henry  $2,000
 22  Hartford Motor Speedway  Hartford, Mich.  Jeep Van Wormer  $2,000
 29  Attica Raceway Park  Attica, Oh.  Jon Henry  $2,000

2011 August

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 5  Mt. Pleasant Speedway  Mt. Pleasant, Mich.  Brandon Thirlby  $2,000
 6  Oakshade Raceway  Wauseon, Oh.  rained out  $2,000
 12  Kankakee Co. Speedway  Kankakee, Ill.  Mike Spatola  $2,000

2011 September

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 3  Oakshade Raceway  Wauseon, Oh.  rained out  $2,000
 4  Eldora Speedway  Rossburg, Oh.  Brian Ruhlman  $3,000

2011 October

 Date  Track  Location  Winner  To Win
 8  Eldora Speedway  Rossburg, Oh.    $10,000


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